Best Led Grow Lights Reviews and Tips [Updated August 2018]

Best LED Grow Lights Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

If you plan to grow plants indoor, you should think about the LED Grow Lights. Why? They are inevitable for your “indoor garden”. Plants cannot grow without the lights of sun. LEDs, the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diodes, is a kind of artificial electrical light source which is created to stimulate the growth of plants. The photosynthesis process cannot be done without “electromagnetic spectrum”. These LED Grow Lights are used when your plants need the supplementary light source or where the provision of sunlight is not good enough to stimulate the growth of plant. Your plants can be in danger of dying if there is insufficient provision of sunlight, especially, when it is in winter. Therefore, this is where the use of LED grow lights becomes necessary for proper and healthy growth of plants.

In other words, the demands of LED grow lights nowadays are increasing rapidly. They are being used widely by indoor gardeners. Those areas where don’t have enough sunlight surely have high demand of LEDs. Plants can be in danger of dying for lack of sunlight or they won’t grow well. To solve this problem, best LED grow lights were invented. By using these LEDs grow lights, indoor gardeners can grow plants easier in a normal manner. In addition, with the help of these lights, gardeners can grow various kinds of plants in greenhouses. Better, there are various types and sizes of LED grow lights that you can choose from.

Choosing the Best LED Grow Lights:

There are lots of features of an LED grow light that you need to check before purchasing a particular one. Below are some important features which you need to read and review before buying one:

Chip: – A 3w chip is the standard one that you should check. The 3w chip should be manufactured by Cree, Bridgelux or Epistar for the guarantee of optimal quality. For better level, you can consider the 5w chip due to its great feature.

Output: – You should check the output before purchasing since the 3w chip doesn’t usually give an output of 3w x 300 = 900. Investigate and check well about the output before buying a particular piece.

Spectrum: – The full spectrum is always programmed to give the required output. The blue and red wavelengths are highly recommended for indoor plant growth.

Material: – Material can determine the durability and lifetime of LED Lights. A good one should last for at least 10 years, and should be usually made from aluminum material. Those LEDs, made from plastic, are not durable although the price is high.

Longevity: – This factor is very important because it can say something about the durability. The longevity of the LED grow lights can depend on its low heat output. Make sure that the one you purchase doesn’t produce too much of heat. The hotter the LED light gets, the earlier it will be out of use.

Ease of Use: – The lights should be easy to use in any grow room environment. They have to be easy to hang and easy to set its intensity, its color and its height.

Warranty: – This is one of the most important factors that you should consider when purchasing. The best warranty should be around 5 years or more though they surely last more than these periods. Those have less than 4 years can have low quality.

Growing Tips for The Indoor Garden:

Below are some useful tips for your indoor plant growth:

  • It is necessary to do research of how to setup indoor garden before buying things.
  • It is important to have a room with good space and condition before you start to seeding or cloning.
  • It requires at least 30 Watt of LED grow light per square foot.
  • It is important to have the grow room cleaned completely in setting process.
  • It is crucial to have one line of nutrients to avoid lockouts and several other issues.

Note: For outdoor plant growth, you have to do lots of tasks such as mowing grass with lawn mower, preventing insects with pesticides, watering plants with good water system, etc…


The LED Grow Lights can be the best choice for your indoor plant growth because of the effectiveness and importance. In other words, the LEDs will be the best one amongst many types of artificial light sources. LEDs are good for healthy growth of plants because they offer cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and proper performance. Unlike other grow lights, the LEDs save electricity when provide enough energy for the growth of plants. Using these lights, you can have good control of temperature. In addition, these lights are friendly-environment. By using the best LED grow lights, you can make your indoor garden better, have good temperature management, and handle light supply easily. Therefore, if you are seeking for the best light sources to grow your indoor plant growth, you should think about the LEDs as your main solution.